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Pioneering Mountain Biking in Himalayas

Dawn Till Dusk

Dawn Till Dusk is the first mountain bike company in Nepal run by professional Nepali mountain bikers, Chhimi Urkyen Gurung & Sonam Gurung. Dawn Till Dusk runs bike tours in Nepal & Tibet. Our tours are specially designed to take you deep into the culture and lifestyle of the local people and show you the best trails in the Himalayas, where most mountain bikers rarely get a chance to ride!

Pokhara Enduro

Pokhara Enduro (#POE) involves a community of locals and overseas volunteers to initiate, build and maintain enduro mountain biking trails in the foothills of the beautiful Pokhara valley in Nepal. The first round of identifying and developing the trails began in January 2020 when more than ten trail builders and riders from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Nepal banded together to create magic to discover golden trails in the dense forest of Arba hills.


When all the altitude gains over three days of race are added, it makes us the highest enduro race in the world. Highest start point starts at 4300 meters and ends at 3300 meters above sea level.


we discuss about different topics from exports during cycling .we do welcome celebs and exports in order to learn from them .

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Dawn Till Dusk strives to maintain its number one position in the mountain biking tours in Nepal and Tibet. It intends to do this by offering superior service to its customers.

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About big mountain enduro

Dear Yak Ru Enduro Community,

We look forward to our annual journey into the remote outpost of Manang to conduct the World’s highest enduro MTB race in 2021. Come join us in this exclusive race fit for the extraordinary riders like you.



some comments from our team

Nepal was always very close to my heart. Now that I have got the taste of the high altitude race, my expectations are higher. Would love to come back.
Gabriel Amigo III, Philippines
As exotic as his name sounds, he is a kind of local legend from Manang. Rumour has it that he climbs in winter full of snow like a monkey hence the nickname "SnowMonkey." He knows every nooks and cranny of the mountains of Manang.
John Doe
I am incredibly delighted to welcome you to my native village of Ghyaru, Manang. It is my honour and privilege to show you what Manang has to offer in terms of big-mountain enduro possibilities.
Chhimi U Gurung

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As the dawn breaks on a crisp November morning, warm Sunlight reflects over the eight thousand meters Annapurna massif. Forty riders wake up in anticipation to shred some really big, fast, flowy, and gravity led single-tracks from a height of 4100 meters. The adrenaline rush continues over three days of blind enduro racing. Welcome to the world’s highest blind enduro race scheduled to take place in the Annapurna mountains of Nepal from 11 to 20 November 2020. This is your chance to rub shoulders and ride alongside some of the world’s greatest enduro riders.

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Club’s first player was John Harrison. After several years he was widely acclaimed as a natural coach and teacher. Over his 20-year volunteer career, it has been estimated that more than 200,000 children learned to play soccer at his club.

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